austin adams

computer science PhD student

My humble list of publications:

  1. Austin Adams, Elton Pinto, Jeffrey Young, Creston Herold, Alex McCaskey, Eugene Dumitrescu, and Thomas M. Conte. “Enabling a Programming Environment for an Experimental Ion Trap Quantum Testbed.” 2021 IEEE International Conference on Rebooting Computing (ICRC ‘21). November 2021. [slides]
  2. Austin Adams, Pulkit Gupta, Blaise Tine, and Hyesoon Kim. “Cryptography Acceleration in a RISC-V GPGPU.” Fifth Workshop on Computer Architecture Research with RISC-V (Co-located with ISCA 2021). June 2021. [slides]

I have also written some free software projects. You can check my github for a complete list, but here are the highlights:

  1. nsdo: A simple C program for running particular applications in Linux network namespaces. With some system configuration described in the README, you can use it to run particular applications in VPNs.
  2. zucchini: An extensible Python autograding framework used in CS 2110. Connects with the Canvas API to auto-upload grades and grade logs, and can auto-generate autograder .zips for Gradescope Cloud Autograding.
  3. novice: A work-in-progress assembler written in TypeScript which hopes to bring the convenience of the current tools used in CS 2110 for teaching assembly language to platforms other than GNU/Linux and to classes with other ISAs, such as CS 2200
  4. gong: A prototype git repository viewer written in Go intended to be a reboot of cgit for my personal use cases.
  5. toolbag: Some Go tools for my website (link to live instance), which include a web frontend to figlet and a silly 404 generator.
  6. mccmd: Tinkering with running a Minecraft server in systemd. Includes a systemd unit for the Minecraft server plus a Java Bukkit plugin and client C program for issuing server commands.
  7. This Website, which is statically generated using Hugo.