austin adams

computer science PhD student

A photo of me

Hi, I’m Austin Adams, a PhD student at the Georgia Institute of Technology studying compilers and programming languages for quantum computers. I am co-advised by Tom Conte and Jeff Young, and you can find my publications listed here. Right now, my main project is the Qwerty quantum programming language.

I got my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 2018 and my Master of Science in Computer Science in 2022, both from Georgia Tech. My master’s thesis was titled Enabling a Programming Environment for an Experimental Ion Trap Quantum Testbed, which involved hacking on the QCOR/XACC compilation framework(s). Between finishing master’s and starting PhD, I interned at Microsoft and worked on the Q# compiler.

I have been the head TA of both CS 2110 and CS 4290/6290, the grad and undergrad intro to computer architecture courses at Georgia Tech. I have also been an instructor (of record) for CS 2110. Here’s some praise from student evaluations across all my time TAing and teaching.

During the ~2 years between undergrad and grad school, I lived in Seattle and worked as a software engineer on product ingestion into the Amazon catalog. (For more information on the inner workings of the Amazon catalog, see this article.)