austin adams

computer science PhD student

Here’s a cherrypicked list of the highest praise I’ve received in student evaluations:

nothing except maybe less CS humor


ought to watch more anime

This course was not just a disappointing course, but an embarrassment to Georgia Tech. [1400 words omitted] They need to seriously consider restructuring this course.

Very childish

Having half the class failing under your watch isn’t cool, even if you think it is. [link to proof of this]

I hear his memes suck.

Austin could be even MORE jacked than he is right now.

the most needed improvement is not sending over foam balls and teddy bears through the vietnam tunnels to the [adjacent instructional] lab

Think this guy is like the head TA

He needs to step up his meme game. They’re all inside jokes…

Needs more memes.

CoC Chad

more memes


gamer […]