Austin Adams

CS grad student and at-risk youth

You can check my github or cgit for a complete list of my free software projects, but here are the highlights:

  1. zucchini: An extensible Python autograding framework used in CS 2110. Connects with the Canvas API to auto-upload grades and grade logs, and can auto-generate autograder .zips for Gradescope Cloud Autograding.
  2. nsdo: A simple C program for running particular applications in Linux network namespaces. With some system configuration I’ve described in blog posts (OpenVPN, Cisco AnyConnect), you can use it to run particular applications in VPNs.
  3. novice: A work-in-progress assembler written in TypeScript which hopes to bring the convenience of the current tools used in CS 2110 for teaching assembly language to platforms other than GNU/Linux and to classes with other ISAs, such as CS 2200
  4. gong: A prototype git repository viewer written in Go intended to be a reboot of cgit for my personal use cases.
  5. toolbag: Some Go tools for my website (link to live instance), which include a web frontend to figlet and a silly 404 generator.
  6. mccmd: Tinkering with running a Minecraft server in systemd. Includes a systemd unit for the Minecraft server plus a Java Bukkit plugin and client C program for issuing server commands.
  7. This Website, which is statically generated using Hugo.