Austin Adams

georgia tech alum, programmerdude

A photo of me

Hi, I’m Austin Adams, a recent graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelors in Computer Science. Previously, I attended Kennesaw State University for two years, one of which was full time in my senior year of high school through the Dual Enrollment Honors Program.

The highlight of my college career was working as the head teaching assistant for CS 2110, the intro to computer architecture course at Georgia Tech. When I wasn’t managing the team of undergraduate TAs or answering emails, I spent a bunch of time writing autograders for digital logic circuits, assembly code, malloc() implementations, and even Gameboy Advance DMA. Here’s some praise from student evaluations.

Today, I work for Amazon in Seattle, Washington, on bulk product uploads to Vendor Central. Outside of work, when I’m not climbing or hiking around, I write tools for GNU/Linux, mainly command-line utilities and webapps. See my projects page for details.