Austin Adams

Georgia Tech student, programmer, GNU/Linux finesser

A photo of me

Hi, I’m Austin Adams, a senior in Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Since I enjoy low-level work and computer science theory, I chose the Theory and Systems & Architecture threads, and I expect to graduate in Fall 2018.

Previously, I attended Kennesaw State University for two years, one of which was full time in my senior year of high school through the Dual Enrollment Honors Program.

Today, I work as the head teaching assistant for CS 2110, the intro to computer architecture course at Georgia Tech. I manage a team of TAs creating course material with the ultimate goal of stuffing knowledge of circuits, assembly, and C into students’ brains with minimal suffering. We get to help students write recursive assembly, malloc() implementations, and Game Boy Advance games — it’s fun!

Professionally, I’ve worked on both GNU/Linux and Windows applications, from shell scripts to ASP.NET MVC, but in my free time, I write tools for GNU/Linux, mainly command-line utilities and webapps. See my projects page for details.